First Time Getting Professional Headshots?

Learn what to wear, how to pose, and what backdrops to use in one of our quick-start guides. To get started, select your headshot package below. 

In the competitive business landscape, standing out is paramount. Your professional headshot is an opportunity to showcase your unique personality and brand. At MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS CORPORATE, we are your headshot photographer in Miami and we will go above and beyond in capturing the perfect images; we strive to convey your story and essence through each photograph, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.



10 AM - 8 PM - Sessions by Appointment.

STUDIO LOCATION: 8150 Sw 8 St Suite 208, Miami, Florida 33144



$ 199 plus tax
  • 30 Minutes Session
  • 7 Professional Edited Headshots
  • Studio Set
  • 1 Outfit / 1 Backdrop
  • Water & Snaks
  • Studio Selection Same Day
  • Private Online Gallery (15 Days)
  • Delivery 10 Days


Up to 2 People
$ 450 plus tax
  • 1 Hour Session
  • 12 Professional Edited Headshots
  • Studio Set
  • 1 Outfit / 1 Backdrop each Person
  • Water & Snaks
  • Studio Selection Same Day
  • Private Online Gallery (15 Days)
  • Delivery 10 Days


Up to 6 People
$ 850 plus tax
  • 2 Hours Session
  • 20 Professional Edited Headshots
  • Studio Set
  • 1 Outfit / 1 Backdrop each Person
  • Water & Snaks
  • Studio Selection Same Day
  • Private Online Gallery (15 Days)
  • Delivery 10 Days


Extra Photos

$20/Each Photo
  • Professional Edited

Extra Backdrop

  • Color Selection

1000 Business Cards

$250/One time
  • Luxury Corporate Design

Headshot Tips & Recomendations

Corporate Headshots

Unveiling the Essence of Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots are professional business portrait photos commonly utilized for company websites, business cards, press releases, and LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn is the preferred platform for most professionals to showcase their headshots. However, CEOs and company executives often employ these headshots across diverse materials. Discover the significance of corporate headshots for your professional image and branding. Enhance your online presence with captivating business portraits.

Corporate headshots highlight the subject’s professionalism, friendliness, and competence. With a captivating headshot, you take the first stride towards establishing a remarkable personal brand. This paves the way for faster job placements, improved sales figures, and increased investor attraction to your company. Embrace the power of corporate headshots to propel your success!

Why Are Corporate Headshots Important?

It’s fascinating how quickly we form opinions, whether in person or online, for the first time. In just a fraction of a second, we create “first impressions” that can shape our decisions, from hiring to purchasing. For instance, hiring managers rely on LinkedIn profiles to assess applicants, potential clients explore company websites to research vendors, and investors turn to corporate headshots and the About Us page to gain insights into company executives. These initial encounters play a crucial role in establishing trust and credibility. Discover the power of first impressions in today’s digital age. 

Having a remarkable corporate headshot is crucial for leaving a lasting impression on individuals, and it can significantly influence the trajectory of your career or company. Moreover, incorporating professional corporate headshots into your portfolio can enhance your online presence and attract potential clients or opportunities. Elevate your brand with captivating corporate headshots showcasing your professionalism and charisma. Get ready to make a striking impact!

What To Wear For Corporate Headshots?

Several factors come into play when choosing the right outfit for your corporate headshots. Your personality, industry, and the intended placement of the photos all play a significant role. For instance, opting for a classic suit-and-tie ensemble or the female equivalent is advisable in more conservative fields like law and finance. However, if you need more clarification, a helpful rule of thumb is to observe successful peers and senior executives in your industry on platforms like LinkedIn. Please pay close attention to their attire choices, as they serve as valuable examples. By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that your corporate headshots project a professional and confident image that aligns with your industry.

When aiming for career success, it’s essential to dress for the job you aspire to rather than the one you currently have. If you are still determining appropriate attire, please inquire with us. Our team is always here to offer valuable guidance and assistance. Whether you’re seeking corporate headshots or professional image consulting, we’re committed to helping you make a lasting impression in your desired field.


Poses For Corporate Headshots

There’s no need to go overboard with extravagant poses regarding corporate headshots. In our sessions, we prioritize minimalist poses that reflect your professionalism. We avoid such practices, unlike some photographers who force clients into peculiar positions. Instead, we recommend starting your session with straightforward poses to warm up. Just stand tall and flash your winning smile as we capture your unique essence for memorable corporate headshots that leave a lasting impression.

The Best Background for Corporate Headshots

For conservative industries such as law and finance, we recommend opting for neutral white, gray, or black backdrops. These colors capture the essence of reliability and consistency, resulting in sharp and professional shots. Explore our headshot backgrounds page for a preview of our studio background options. On the other hand, if you work in creative industries, non-profits, or tech and desire photos with more vibrancy, feel free to choose a colored studio backdrop or consider an outdoor or in-office session. These photos are known to exude more personality. Capture the essence of your corporate headshots with our diverse range of options.

As a senior executive, entrepreneur, or thought leader, it is crucial to have a diverse collection of professional photos that can be utilized across various platforms. Ideally, incorporating a mix of outdoor shots along with studio headshots adds a dynamic touch. Utilizing the same corporate headshot across LinkedIn, the company website, and press releases may be unprofessional and lacking creativity. To maintain a polished and authoritative image in the digital realm, curating a unique portfolio of high-quality photos is essential.


How Should I Prepare for Corporate Headshots?

There are three keys to preparing for your headshot ahead of time.

To ensure the best results for your corporate headshots session, follow these helpful tips:

Firstly, prioritize self-care by getting ample sleep, exercising, and soaking up some sunshine in the weeks leading up to your session. Our expert editing team skillfully airbrushes your selected photos, but your prior preparation will contribute to a natural and polished look. Next, it’s advisable to briefly don your chosen outfits a few days before the session to ensure they fit well and don’t require any last-minute dry cleaning. Lastly, browse some of your previous photos and select any you like. Upon arriving at the studio, share these images with your photographer to help us capture your most flattering angles.

By following these recommendations, you’ll be well on your way to achieving stunning and professional corporate headshots!

What If I’m Not Photogenic or Hate Getting My Photo Taken?

MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS STUDIO is committed to providing a unique and stress-free experience for our clients, unlike the cringe-worthy practices of many other portrait photographers. We understand that corporate headshots require a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, so we create a fun environment with upbeat music. Our team values continuous client feedback to ensure we capture the perfect headshot you’ll proudly display online. Trust us to deliver exceptional corporate headshots that reflect your professional image.

LinkedIn Headshots

Discovering the Power of MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS STUDIO for Your Professional LinkedIn Headshots

Elevate your online presence with captivating LinkedIn headshots, essential for company websites, business cards, press releases, and especially your LinkedIn profile. Despite the moniker “LinkedIn headshots,” their significance extends across diverse professional platforms. Elevate your brand with top-notch LinkedIn headshots catered to your unique profile. Connect with MIGUEL ANGEL PRODCUTIONS STUDIO today!

Crafting a compelling LinkedIn headshot is pivotal in projecting an image that’s professional and approachable. A compelling headshot is the cornerstone for establishing a remarkable personal brand that accelerates your job prospects, enhances sales performance, or draws potential investors to your venture.


Why Do LinkedIn Headshots Matter?

Consider the instantaneous judgments we form about others upon first meeting them. Often occurring within a mere 1/8th of a second, these initial impressions can significantly influence hiring decisions, purchase choices, and willingness to engage. In today’s digital age, these first impressions commonly commence online. LinkedIn, being one of the most widely used professional platforms in the world, is a prime platform hiring managers use to vet candidates, prospective clients to evaluate vendors, and investors to gain insights into company leaders. A compelling and professional LinkedIn headshot showcasing your confidence, professionalism, and approachability is your key to making an impactful first impression on these crucial individuals, potentially shaping your career trajectory and opening doors to new opportunities. So take the time to present yourself in the best possible light, as every detail counts when it comes to creating a lasting impression in this competitive professional landscape.

Deciding on the Right Attire for LinkedIn Headshots

Selecting appropriate attire for professional photos depends on several factors, including your industry, personality, and the desired placement of the pictures. In conservative fields such as law and finance, opting for a standard suit-and-tie ensemble for men or its female equivalent is advisable. However, if you are in a more creative industry, you may have more flexibility in choosing your attire.

Exploring successful peers and senior executives on LinkedIn is beneficial to get a better sense of suitable attire for your specific industry. Observing their attire choices allows you to gauge the expected dress code and present yourself accordingly.

Remember, it is essential to dress for the position you aspire to attain, regardless of the level of uncertainty. Whether aiming for a managerial or high-level executive position, projecting the right image through your attire can help you make a strong impression.

If you need expert guidance on selecting the appropriate attire for your professional photos, our team at MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS STUDIO is always available to assist you. We have the knowledge and experience to provide tailored advice to help you look your best.


Mastering Poses for Exceptional LinkedIn Headshots

The art of posing for LinkedIn headshots thrives on simplicity and elegance. Our approach at MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS STUDIO prioritizes minimalist poses, eschewing the eccentricities sometimes witnessed in the field. The spotlight remains on showcasing your professionalism, underscoring our commitment to your image, not our photography skills. Commencing with straightforward, natural poses, we progressively incorporate subtle variations like arms-crossed postures and candid shots, ensuring a comprehensive array of compelling options.

Selecting the Ideal Background for Your LinkedIn Headshots

In more traditional sectors, such as law and finance, it is often recommended to use neutral white, gray, or black backdrops to convey an air of reliability and consistency. These backgrounds lend themselves to producing sharp, crisp shots that exude a professional aura. 

On the other hand, within creative, nonprofit, or tech industries, or for individuals aiming to showcase their unique personality, colored studio backdrops or outdoor/in-office sessions can serve as viable alternatives. These options offer the opportunity to infuse more creativity and vibrancy into the photographs, allowing individuals to stand out. Moreover, outdoor settings or in-office sessions emanate a distinct charm, which can enhance the overall appeal of the imagery. 

For executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, it is advisable to consider diversifying their imagery across various platforms. By juxtaposing studio headshots with outdoor alternatives, they can create a well-rounded visual representation that showcases both their persona’s professional and personable sides. This balanced approach can help to create a polished effect that resonates with their intended audience and captures their attention effectively.

Preparing Effectively for Your LinkedIn Headshots

Preparation for your headshot is essential and revolves around three tenets:

  1. Prioritize rest, exercise, and sunlight in the lead-up to your session, as these factors contribute to a natural and vibrant appearance, complementing our post-production enhancements.
  2. Don your desired attire a few days ahead to ensure a proper fit.
  3. Identify past photos where you feel most confident and share these with our photographers to inform their approach, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.